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Future Health utilizes technologies to empower specialty mental health professionals to make psychiatric chronic care management more accessible and affordable.
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Future Health has created a platform that provides the highest quality psychiatric and psychological health care as part of a patient-first healthcare experience.


Impressive improvement within 30 days of care
Based on a survey of over 1k patients


Increase in Care and Treatment Adherence
Benchmark towards the industry average data

Democratize Mental Health Care with Technology

Our evidence-based approach integrates peer-reviewed research published by faculty from leading medical schools with clinical expertise founded on extensive experience and with our patient-first values. When the power of technology is harnessed, psychiatric and psychological care become accessible, inclusive, and tailored to the individual.
A Word from Our Clinical President

“We hope to create a future where mental health care is truly democratized, empowering individuals to prioritize their mental well-being without barriers or stigma.”

David Brody
David Brody, M.D., Clinical President
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What We Do

Empowering Mental Health Professionals with Data

Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Data-Driven Mental Health Care by providing comprehensive patient insights, predictive modeling, and streamlined workflows, ultimately enhancing the quality and effectiveness of mental health care.
Automated Data Collection
Treatment Outcome Monitoring
Predictive Modeling
Decision Support Tools
Collaborative Care Platform
Personalized Interventions


Time saved for each patient care per year
Based on industry average


Increase in overall efficiency in chronic care management
Our Approach

Remote Monitoring and Hybrid Care for Improved Outcomes

Technology enables remote monitoring of patients, allowing clinicians and psychiatrists to track progress, conduct virtual appointments, and provide ongoing support that is more time-sensitive than that provided by exclusively in-person appointments. Remote access reduces barriers to care, increases accessibility for the patients, and improves efficiency for the clinical professionals

"Hybrid care" enhances the telehealth experience by adding periodic in-person visits, offering a deeper connection and further personalization of treatment plans. Licensed and board-certified psychiatric clinicians on our platform can provide face-to-face consultations in physical locations in over 33 states.
Our Medical Team

Profound Mental Health Knowledge

Our clinical team is composed of seasoned professionals who possess a breadth of expertise and rich experiences in the field of mental health.

“It simplifies my practice and allows me to focus on what I love most – helping my patients.”

New York Times

“It's an invaluable resource that has elevated the quality of care I can provide as a psychiatrist.”

Fast Company
Outcome Matters

Evidence-based Approach

The integration of research evidence, clinical expertise, and patient-first values ensures that care is rooted in scientific knowledge and tailored to individual circumstances.


Impressive increase in Treatment Response Rate


Cost saving for patient and payors per year
Based on industry average data

By strengthening my understanding of ADHD, utilizing a structured note template, and leaning on my supportive resources that Done offers, I have been able to maximize my delivery of patient care without compromising quality

- Kyle Jones, PMHNP
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39 States

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In-person Offices for Hybrid Care


Clinicians Onboarded

Care Specialists Empowerd by Future Health

Equipped with the platform's capabilities, clinicians can deliver tailored diagnosis and treatment modalities, access specialized outcome monitoring and suppor tools, and optimize outcomes for patients seeking specialized care.


The Leading Hybrid Care Platform for ADHD: Specializing in Affordable and Personalized Comprehensive Chronic Care Management


A Not-for-profit Mental Health Platform for Low-Income Populations, Dedicated to Accessibility and Affordability


Tailored and Affordable Sleep Management by Psychiatrists, Catering to Specific Needs
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Transforming the landscape of psychiatric care.

With innovation, dedication, and a commitment to affordable care and improved outcomes, we drive positive change towards an inclusive and compassionate mental health system. Join us in shaping a brighter future for mental health.